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How do I book or rent a Pose 360 Chicago IPhoto Booth?

All potential clients looking to book or rent the Pose 360 Chicago IPhoto Booth will need to complete the contact form to discuss booking and rentals. Date confirmation will be determined once a team member reaches out for approval, along with the completion of the rental/booking agreement.

Do I have to pay a deposit upon renting?

A retainer fee of $300.00 will need to be paid from two weeks of the confirmed booking date and completion of agreement. Client has up to 48 hours prior to service period to remit remaining balance due. If client doesn't remit payment within 48 hours prior to the service period, any fees, including retainer, delivery, etc., will be non-refundable. 

Is delivery available?

Yes, delivery is available. There is a $50.00 non-refundable fee, in addition to the rental fee, when booking. The $50.00 delivery fee will cover up to 30 miles from the Pose 360 Chicago IPhoto Booth headquarters. Any deliveries over the 30 mile radius will result in an additional fee (*based on distance over 30 miles).

When using our delivery service, our team will arrive 30 minutes prior to the service period. If client wishes to have video booth arrive earlier than 30 minutes, it is the responsibility of the client to communicate the time with a Pose 360 team member. 
(*anything over 30 minutes could possibly result in an additional rental fee)

How much space do I need for the Pose 360 Chicago IPhoto Booth set-up?

Client will need a minimum space of 10ft x 10ft x 10ft (wxhxd) to accommodate for set-up. Once set-up, the Pose 360 Chicago IPhoto Booth will need to remain stationary. In addition, the video booth is all electric, so power outlets need to be available within the minimum space required.  Further details can be discussed upon booking.

What if a Pose 360 team member doesn't show up 30 minutes prior to service period?

If there are unforeseen circumstances preventing us from arriving on time, a team member will communicate (via phone) about the delay and compensate the client for any lost time. 

Can I set-up the Pose 360 Chicago IPhoto Booth outside?

We prefer indoor set-up due to the possibility of the video booth overheating. If the client is looking to set-up outside, adequate shade from the sun is needed to avoid overheating and good lighting for the photos. If client has a preference of outside set-up, client understands they will be financially responsible for any accidental and possible environmental damage. 
(*damage waiver excludes any damage from outside set-up)

What if there is damage to the Pose 360 Chicago IPhoto Booth?

We offer a damage waiver which will cover any accidental damage. Accidental damage includes unavoidable circumstances like natural disaster (flood, tornado, fire). Any misuse of the equipment, vandalism, and theft is NOT COVERED in the damage waiver. If client does not want to add the damage waiver, the client fully understands he/she is financially responsible for any and all damage, including accidents. 
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